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Staff Wellbeing

Shaftesbury High School is committed to ensuring that the wellbeing of staff is a priority on its agenda. The belief is that every adult matters and Shaftesbury has a healthy, happy and nurturing environment for both adults and pupils to work and thrive in. Entering the doors of Shaftesbury High School you can feel and see the extraordinary commitment of staff and feel a sense of warmth amongst staff and pupils. It’s not easy to keep everyone happy all the time throughout the year with our fast growing staff numbers but we can certainly say that we do not turn a blind eye. Unlike many educational organisations that would never post anything about wellbeing on their website, we have nothing to hide. In fact our wellbeing survey, taken by an external organisation, has reported that Shaftesbury High School had scored in the top three in the whole borough and certainly in the top 10 across the country.

Please click here to view our Staff Wellbeing map.

So how do we do this? The following are just a few examples and we are far from achieving perfection. We still have many long term goals and commitments in the pipeline that we hope to achieve.

  • An EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)/work life support helpline available 24 hours a day. The helpline offers free independent and confidential information, support and counselling to all staff.
  • Every new member of staff has an allocated mentor.
  • Staff functions are organised as requested by staff.
  • Staff are informed by various external activities.
  • Sick staff are fully supported.
  • Fundraising takes place to support charities chosen by staff such as Movember, Ali’s Dream and MS, recognising staff’s diverse interests.
  • External workshops and activities such as Yoga and mindfulness.
  • Meeting with staff to review their needs.
  • Respecting staff confidentiality.