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At Shaftesbury High School we provide a high quality inspirational programme of Financial Education in order that we enable our students to become confident and competent to manage their money well.

We do this by implementing a coherent programme in Maths and also in other subject and project areas such as in DT, PSHE and Food Technology.

We support the providers of education with time, training and resources to deliver the subject with confidence and enthusiasm so that they are able to inspire and engage with their students.

We encourage both theoretical and practical opportunities for our students to learn from and experience situations that involve decision making and handling of money.

We involve students, staff, governors, senior managers, parents and carers as well as the wider community, where appropriate. In planning, supporting and sharing ideas and outcomes, developing opportunities and pathways as well as in celebrating our successes.

We equip our students with skills and understand and further improve their skills and knowledge of how money can be used and misused, through budgeting, shopping, managing bills, the risks around gambling and the digital world, banking, investments, planning for the future.

We network with other schools, locally and nationally to learn and share our experiences and ideas, encouraging dialogue and good working relationships.

We continue to embed this programme into the schools’ policies and plans so that it  evolves and develops as an integral part of  the interesting and diverse range of education opportunities that we provide now and in the future for Shaftesbury students.