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Who is it for?

The group is for children who may benefit from extra support to help them become more settled and happy both at home and at school. The group works with a small number of families. Each week children come to the group with a parent or other significant adult in the family.

Problems at school could include: concentrating, unhappiness, friendships, getting angry, arguing, anxiety, and fighting. Many parents have found they have similar problems at home and have found the group helpful in sorting them out.

What is the aim?

The aim is for the school and families to work together to help children develop a positive attitude with a confident approach to school and life. Many families find that, as their difficulties reduce, children are able to learn better and to improve their school work.

What happens in the Family Group?

The groups currently meet either on a Friday or a Monday. At 10.00 the children will be collected from their class and we will all work together in completing group activities. The children will take it in turns to tell us about their weekly targets and everyone helps each child to find new ways for them to reach their set goals. At 11.00 am the children will go either to assembly or break. From 11.00 am – 11.30 am there will be time for the adults to talk.

Parents and children that have been involved in Family Group over the years have said they have found it very helpful to talk to others; to realise that other people have similar difficulties, and to give and receive advice.

The children as well as I were looking forward to the meetings. We felt like an enlarged family.

How do I join?

Please contact us tel. 020 8428 2482 or email adminoffice@shaftesbury.harrow.sch.uk