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Curriculum Intent (click to expand)

We plan for students at Shaftesbury High School to have access to a rich and meaningful curriculum. The Shaftesbury High School curriculum focuses on subject-specific, transferable skills, and the development of knowledge. Progression through the Shaftesbury curriculum, across all Key Stages, is reflected by the pace at which our students learn.

Each curriculum area at Shaftesbury is clear on its intent for learning and how best to implement student access to the learning on offer. It is a curriculum that has clear and thoughtful impacts. Being mindful of this, some planned activities within Schemes of Work may continue to be taught in the following term (where appropriate). 

The Shaftesbury High School core curriculum is based around the National Curriculum and is differentiated to meet the needs of the students. Some of our subjects, such as PSHE, Maths, and PE, have adopted a pathway-based, rather than by strict year-group divisions, approach. This pathway-based approach focuses on individual student needs and progression, providing targeted support and facilitating meaningful progress in these subject areas for all learners.

For some students we provide personalised Programmes of Study. Personalised Programmes of Study are offered to cater for varying student starting points, student needs and student abilities. Our subject teachers will always give a detailed indication of where the student is in their learning and the specifics of what they are working towards. 

The Shaftesbury High School Curriculum is supported through effective assessment practices. We assess the student response to the implementations of our curriculum and match it against the curriculum intent as part of developing our curriculum.

Our end goal is that our students leave SHS with meaningful pathways open to them. These pathways include further education, the world of work, community engagement, and a sense of accomplishment. 


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