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Vision, Values and Mission Statement

Shaftesbury High School’s (SHS) vision is: ‘to build fair, accessible, and collaborative communities by carving pathways into them’.


‘Fair’ begins when stakeholders value the concepts of ‘being kind, being respectful, being resilient, being responsible, and enabling the opportunities for others, and themselves, to grow’.


‘Accessible’ means that from the day that students join SHS they begin their transition beyond the school. It is important that our students see young people who are, or were, at SHS active in community roles that exceed their expectations.


SHS looks to expand on how it currently hosts, enables learning, and reaches out to its local communities to facilitate lifelong and meaningful learning.

Carving Pathways 

SHS takes every opportunity to overcome the lack of opportunities that many of our students face beyond college and to support the development of new pathways into employment and social belonging.


One of the criteria by which we consider our success, as a school, is by the long term success of our students in local or global communities.


Our Strategy: How do we get there?


We aim to support our students to:

  • Identify their own goals.
  • Have a personal pathway to support reaching their goals.
  • Grow and find their own ‘voice’ so that they can make informed choices and actions.



‘Achieving’ is based on all stakeholders having a sense of purpose. At SHS we have a growth mindset and body-set. We hold each other to account and we measure our success against ambitious targets. We aim to be aware of issues in both our local and global communities.


We consistently focus on wellbeing and empowerment as part of being a broad and diverse culture, where rights are respected. We continue to be academically aware. Our educational concepts develop as we assess the value for our school of well researched advancements that arise in education.


“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” 

- Viktor E. Frankl