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Religious Education

At Shaftesbury we believe that our students are increasingly developing their knowledge and understanding of religion by making RE more visible in school. Our pupils are becoming more comfortable with each other by recognising and sharing the diversity which exists in our school and community.
Our aim in the delivery of Religious Education is:

  • To create in all students respect for, and tolerance of, all members of the school and wider community.
  • To enable our students to acquire knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of different religions.
  • Harrow is a very diverse community – ensure we address that.
  • To involve parent and community groups in developments and activities inside and outside school.
  • To ensure our students are still able to learn about and from religion in a positive and meaningful way.
  • To make religion a living hands-on experience.

To achieve this, we have:

  • Looked at the annual calendar for all faiths.
  • And from this, have drawn up a list of major events celebrations for all the major faiths (and others).
  • We now have weekly themed weekly in school, which are.
  • Taken by visiting members of the community or by school staff of that denomination.
  • Involve our students: across the whole curriculum in dancing, speaking and listening, ICT and music.
  • Planned work in other curriculum areas to supplement assemblies and celebrations : e.g. literacy, drama, citizenship, PSHE.