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Shaftesbury has a broad range of international links in and outside of the European Union. Over the past 2 years, this has included schools and researchers from countries such as France, Spain, Poland, Cyprus and Bulgaria, and beyond to countries such as Uganda and Ghana. Shaftesbury has visited as well as hosted each of these countries, with both pupils and staff looking to learn from the wide range of education and cultures. This has given pupils the opportunity to see and experience life outside of their own community and for teaching professionals to better their own practice whilst working with the diversity of others.

Shaftesbury has recently been involved in a Comenius Project ‘Learning Together- Valuing Differences‘, a project that was run with four other schools in their respective countries (Spain, Poland, Cyprus and Bulgaria). The project was based around staff and pupils collaboratively focussing on how we evolve our social and emotional development in the classroom, thus supporting access to learning. The project allowed varying personnel to meet in one of the countries once a term. In 2014 we hosted thirteen staff as they travelled to Shaftesbury for a two day conference, which included meeting and learning from our students. We are nearing the end of the first Comenius project and the final outcome is to produce a handbook of in class strategies that have used to deliver the social and emotional learning programme.

From 2015 onwards, Shaftesbury High School hopes to be involved in a new Erasmus+ project, working with schools in Cyprus, Spain, Belgium and Brighton, England, to further develop social and emotional literacy amongst our learners. In addition, Shaftesbury has started collaborative work with the Swiss Cottage School in Camden to explore SMSC across SEN Schools.

To further promote our understanding of the world beyond the UK, we have also signed up to the Global Learning Programme, a project funded by the Department of International Development. The Global Learning Programme is run by a consortium of partners. The aim of the GLP is to explore global learning in relation to the entire age and SEND range, including early years, post-16, moderate learning difficulties, autism, and profound and multiple learning difficulties and to explore a range of themes, including “assessment-without-levels” for global learning, and teaching and learning in relation to various global issues.

The International School Award has three entry points to support schools at any stage of their international journey and we are delighted to announce that in 2016-7 Shaftesbury High School achieved the Foundation and Intermediate Level and is on route to progress towards full accreditation. Please click here to read more.

In October 2017 Mrs Stone visited Georgia to start Shaftesbury’s involvement in an e-Twinning project with partner schools in Georgia, Turkey, Poland, France and the UK. Please click here to view a PDF about the e-Twinning project.