1. The governing Body accepts its responsibility under the Education Acts to provide free school education covering the whole curriculum, and to ensure that no pupil is denied access to any materials or visits required to fulfill the needs of the National Curriculum.
  2. It notes that it has the discretion to charge for optional actvities provided wholly or mainly out of school hours.
  3. It further notes it has discretion to invite voluntary contributions for activities whether during or outside school hours.
  4. The Governing Body authorises the Headteacher to seek voluntary contributions from parents of children taking part in school journeys and other off-site activities.
  5. The Governing Body fully accepts that no pupil should be prevented from receiving tuition or taking part in any activity by reason of a parent’s inability to meet any charge or cost. It accordingly authorises the Headteacher to waive any charge or cost, in whole or in part, any charge where the Headteacher judges that a pupil would be prevented or disadvantaged because of the parent’s inability to meet any charge or cost.
  6. The Headteacher shall furnish annually a report showing the total cost involved in the exercise of his/her discretion under paragraph 5 and the number of pupils involved.